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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio White

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio White

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio White: Compatible with Qi, can simultaneously charge 3 devices, including Apple iPhones, Galaxy phones, Buds, and watches.

ALIGNMENT IS EASIER WITH MORE COILS: The Wireless Charger Trio's six coils make it easy to set your gadget down and let it charge. Simply place it on the pad to increase power without having to fuss with alignment anymore.
APPROPRIATE SIZE FOR A GALAXY WATCH: You can keep your watch fully charged to help you through the day by using the designated area for the Galaxy watch (1). Your watch is guided into position for charging by an internal magnet located on the right side of the charger. You can also charge the Galaxy Buds series, your phone, and other devices on the left.

POWER UP QUICKLY: The Fast Charging feature provides a rapid battery boost. By utilizing additional watts of power, you and your pals with compatible devices can return to 100% even faster.
Uncomplicated Style to Fit Your Interior: The sleek form has an accent LED light and a minimalist design with straightforward icons. Choose the one that most complements the style of your room among the two that are available in black and white, then set it aside when not in use.
THE GLOW THAT DISCLOSES: With three distinct colors—red for charging, flashing red for a charging problem, and green for fully charged—the LED light clearly indicates to you the state of your device's charging. When it's time to turn off the lights, you can dim it to not disturb your beauty sleep.

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